Things Every Man needs to know Before Marriage || Marital advice to every young man who is getting married soon

Most people would agree that the decision to marry is one of the bigger decisions a person makes in life. The potential upside or downside of this decision could have major implications for your quality of life, direction in life, and length of your life!! I say that only half joking, not because I think your spouse might snuff out your life as you sleep, but because research supports the idea that those who are happily married live longer on average than those who remain unmarried. You’re welcome for that little tidbit of research revelation. I believe that your choice of who to marry is the second most important decision a person makes next to a with Jesus Christ, yet many individuals seem to run head first into without pausing long enough to ask themselves the hard questions.

If you’ve found someone that you believe might just be “the one” for you, I want to encourage you to ask yourself this (3)three questions before you move any further in the relationship.

1. Why are you getting married?

2. Do you know AND trust your partner’s past?

3. Are you planning for a or just a wedding?

If you are done answering this questions then you should think of taking this advice.

  1. Always pray together and study the word of God together in the morning and at night.

  2. Let your wife have the lead in some things at home, even if it’s your duty.

  3. Learn to cook and do kitchen stuff, very soon belle go Booooom and early morning sickness must come. So get prepared.

  4. Tolerance, Tolerance and Tolerance. A pregnant woman can wake you up at midnight and tell you she want to eat fried chicken and Akamu, but don’t be surprised that even if you get it for her she will never eat it.

  5. Attention, Attention and Attention. See every woman need attention, even if what she talking is not making sense, please Ooooh listen to her and crack joke out of the nonsense she’s talking.

  6. Avoid telling her lies, kill the spirit of lying because A Lie told can destroy A Thousand Truth. Always be sincere and Honest.

  7. Stop beating around the bus when there’s an important issues both of you are discussing, gooooo straight to the point, I have learnt that any statement or conversation you started with a lady that you, Hmmm, you must finish it because her ear is eager to her all the gist.

  8. Surprise her with gifts no matter how small and always assure her of the better future.

  9. If you want your to last then you must put your Parents and siblings at there position.
    Your Family is your Past, your Wife is your present and your children are your future. Never allow your siblings and Parents spoil things for you.

  10. Sir hear this bitter truth! Your wife is not a house maid, she’s a helper to you. Don’t and never you boss her around or BEAT your wife, if you try it then you have lost your children because your children will all their mother and hate you. A man that beat his wife is a mad man simple.

  11. If you’re using a big phone then you must buy her her own because if not your own phone will never rest and please remove all the security code in your phone or allow your wife to have access to your phone Pin code or password. Remove the finger prints. Eeeee get why!!!

  12. Another bitter truth you may never allow your wife to get to. You see your account details and information, just tell her, even your ATM pin, tell her and give it to her to keep if possible, mostly the account that’s not your business account. But if she’s the extravagance type, Biko let her dey her dey and you too dey your dey for your money.
    I think I should mash break at this point.

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