After many years of studying and trying to understand why so many ladies go through lots of heartbreaks in a relationship. I come to under that , Ladies should know this.
Sometimes we think they do. But from counseling, I discovered not all ladies especially the younger ones know these things.

1) Sex is not Love.

Some ladies (especially the teens and younger females) still belive that if you a Man, you prove it by giving him sex.

2) Men can and will Lie just to get Sex from Ladies.

The last lady I counseled give in because her boyfriend told her he would die if she didn’t allow him.
“My Doctor said if I don’t have sex, my testes would burst”
“I’m having blue balls, only sex can cure it”
And the biggest one…. “I’ll Marry you”
All Lies.. But not all girls know these tricks and many still fall for it albeit ignorantly and innocently.

3) Contraceptives and Preventive measures can fail.

Withdrawal can Fail.
Condom can fail
Virgins can get pregnant, Sperms can sip through and impregnate you while leaving your hymen still intact.

4) Women bear the brunt more when sex goes wrong.

Many guys deny the lady when things go south, Some will run away.
An unplanned pregnancy can alter your plans for life permanently if care is not taken, while the guy continues with his life..
Abortion puts your life and womb at stake, not his Life.

5) Sex doesn’t keep a Man.

Every Lady need to understand these. Some Men out there just want to have a taste of ladies cookies and after which they zoom off and that lady will never see them again. Ladies need to understand that sex doesn’t stop a man from leaving. Sadly not every lady out there knows these, and the naive ones are taken advantage of on a daily basis.

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