2021 Definition: What Is Interpersonal Communication

What Is And All You Need To know About It

2021 Definition: What Is Interpersonal Communication

A lot of people don’t know how powerful and effective skill and on this page we will bring you some clarifications to this word. Continue Reading.

What Is Interpersonal Communication:

is an exchange of information between two, three or more people.

It is also an area of findings that seeks to understand how humans use verbal and nonverbal cues to accomplish a number of personal and relational goals.

The word It often includes a face-to-face exchange of information, in a form of voice, facial expressions, body language and gestures. The level of one’s skills is measured through the effectiveness of transferring messages to others.

Commonly used within an organization include daily internal employee communication, client meetings, employee performance reviews and project discussions. In addition, online conversations today make a large portion of employees’ in the workplace.

The Importance of in the Workplace

interpersonal skills are crucial for business success. Let’s now see why is crucial for your career development and productivity in the workplace.

  1. Problem solving
    skills are necessary because they allow people to discuss problems and weigh the pros and cons of alternatives before coming up with the final solution.

For example, brainstorming exercises are situations in which comes into play as it is very important that everyone feels respected and free to share their voice, ideas and views.

2. Alignment with business goals

Poor communication between employers and can harm the business in many ways. When managers and leaders are unable to clearly communicate tasks, workers can quickly become frustrated and disconnected with the business goals.

Moreover, many say that their managers don’t give them clear directions and goals for their work.

Therefore, managers should be able to, with proper online and offline communication as well as the right internal communication tools, continuously align with the business strategy.

3. Trust

According to the American Psychological Association, a quarter of in the US do not trust their employers, and only about 50% of them believe that their bosses are open with them.

Lack of trust and transparency are some of the most common causes of poor workplace communication.

skills are crucial for improving trust and workplace communication, and all employees, especially business leaders, should therefore improve communication with their employees.

4. Change management

Good is very important during change management efforts within organizations.

Effective employee communication helps better understand the change, align with it and collaboratively work towards implementing the change successfully.

5. Company culture

Interpersonal relationships, especially when executed well, are important for an organizational culture to thrive.

When possess good skills, organizational culture becomes more synergic and positive. With bad interpersonal relationships, on the other hand, negativity, confusion, and conflicts become inevitable.

This ultimately ruins the work environment, reduces employee productivity, and adversely affects the company’s bottom line.

6. Employee recognition

Good drives more employee recognition. When have good interpersonal relationships with each other and their managers, they are more likely to recognize each others’ good work and give constructive feedback.

7. Workplace miscommunication

Managers who maintain professionalism, open workplace communication and a positive attitude are more likely to be seen as approachable by their employees.

When feel like they can speak openly with decision-makers, workplace miscommunication, gossip and rumors are much less likely to happen.

8. Personal relationships

Interpersonal skills are extremely important for creating and maintaining meaningful personal relationships in the workplace.

People with good skills can, therefore, build healthy relationships with their colleagues and work much better as a team.

9. Effective management and leadership

The ability to foster interpersonal relationships, establish trust and communicate clearly are all crucial skills for an effective leader.

When a has poor skills, they can expect to irritate and confuse employees. In fact, there is a greater need for managers to work on their interpersonal skills than there is for the average employee.

10. Employee success

Good skills are also necessary for managers to help their do their jobs successfully. Leaders need to be able to pass on the right skills to the that will enable them to perform their tasks and achieve business goals.

Moreover, they should be the ones to teach their employees skills.

11. Conflict management

Conflict is normal in the workplace, and we can’t always expect from our to resolve conflicts in a calm and timely manner. When conflicts like this arise, becomes crucial for resolving them.

Conflict management cannot happen without effective interpersonal communication. In fact, all conflict management strategies that use communication to soften situations in stressful environments are much more successful.

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